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March 16, 2009

Sheep to “pet” at the zoo?

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Many people around our country and throughout the world probably find it humorous that we actually have sheep in the San Diego Zoo. Yet over half the worlds population lives in a city with not even one sheep in sight. 411 cities around the world have a population of over 1 million. By 2030 over 60 percent of everyone on earth will live in the city. (If this is all TMI then know that I’m venting and still feel guilty about dropping my subscription to Mother Jones.)

I grew up in a small Texas town where kids still belonged to the FFA (Future Farmers of America) and rode the bus into town from their farms. Today for a kid to see and touch a sheep, goat or other farm animal is a real treat.



  1. Hi Walker, interesting info I didn’t know. We still have FFA and 4-H up here and I just got 2 fiber goats to go with the rest of the animals here.

    Comment by MaryBeth — March 17, 2009 @ 5:27 am

  2. There are quite a few sheep where I live. and I have met and photographed them a few times.

    Comment by Stefan Jansson — March 21, 2009 @ 7:30 am

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