San Diego (CA) Photos

March 22, 2008


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Keeper Scott Morford with Smitty

Keeper Scott Morford tooks us into the elephant barn this morning at the San Diego Zoo. Three asian elephants are kept here. The zoo is building a new elephant exhibit and will move these three as well as five from the Wild Animal Park into the new enclosure sometime during the spring 2009.

Sumithi, or Smitty, as she is affectionately called, is 39 years old, weighs 9,075 pounds and is the matriarch of the group. She came to the San Diego Zoo in 1968 from the island of Sri Lanka. The first picture was taken from inside the elephant barn and shows Smitty with her trunk up while opening her mouth. The second picture was taken as we were leaving showing her from the side with her interest still focused inside the barn.
Stephanie Bruns took our group on the stroll this morning. She works in the education department at the San Diego Zoo.

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