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January 30, 2009

Keeper Nate asks everyone to recycle old cellphones

My picture today is San Diego Zoo Keeper Nate, caretaker and spokesman for the lowland gorillas.   Nate is dedicated and passionate about the survival of lowland gorillas, both the ones at the zoo in his care and those in the wild. He ask us all to help by recycling old cellphones. What’s the connection? Well, cell phones contain a rare ore called coltan (short for columbite-tantalite) which is found in central Africa. The popularity of cellphones has increased mining operations in wildlife reserves including Kahuzi-Biega National Park and Okapi Wildlife Reserve. Illegal miners invade the “protected” parks and endanger the native gorillas. How can you help? Turn in your old cell phone to any recycling program where you live.   The recycled cell phone will reduced the need to mine more coltan and help protect the wild gorilla habitat.   Nate thanks you, I thank you and so do these beautiful primates.   

December 14, 2008

Gorillas at the Wild Animal Park

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Gorillas fascinate visitors and seem to enjoy people watching as much as we enjoy watching them. Gorillas are the largest of all primates and like many humans are family-oriented, vegetarian and peaceful. Unlike humans they like to walk using their hands as well as their feet. Check it out next time you visit.


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